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Alice Land
Alice 304 5
Biographical Information

Knocker's Hole




Unknown [1]

Relationship Information
  • Unnamed parents ✝
  • Nick Land ✝(uncle)
Significant Others

Mercy Lewis (patroness)

Character Information
Portrayed By

Ashlyn Pearce



Episode Count


First Appearance

After the Fall

Last Appearance

The Commonwealth of Hell

Alice Land is an unfortunate girl who seeks refuge at the Bird's Nest under the care of Mercy Lewis.

She is a guest character played by Ashlyn Pearce.

Early Life Edit

Alice is a young native girl of Salem was orphaned after her parents died of plague. Adopted by an uncle and moved to Knocker's Hole, Alice was forced into prostitution by her uncle, who spent all the money she earned in alcohol.

Physical Appearance Edit

Alice is a young, pleasant-looking woman. She has strawberry-blond hair and a heart-shaped face. Her eyes are sweet but show a certain suffering. Her clothes are dirty and damaged, due to poor hygiene and poverty. Despite pale appearance due to bloodletting, since she became one of Mercy's prostitutes, Alice has a more refined appearance, wearing a clean red dress and with her hair falling in soft curls on her bare shoulders.

Personality Edit

Alice is shy and timid, naive and sad for the misfortunes that have befallen her. Instead of enraged for her situation, Alice is quite sad and afraid of her uncle, that she despises. Since Alice has become one of the prostitutes of the Bird's Nest, she is more blatant and aware of her feminine wiles.

Throughout the Salem series Edit

Season Three Edit

Alice visits the Bird's Nest where she is greeted by a young prostitute who calls her by name, giving to understand that the two are known. After a short wait, Alice is approached by the owner of the brothel, Mercy Lewis, who invites her to climb into her private rooms where Alice is immediately drawn by the various birds in the cages hanging from the ceiling. Mercy is curious to know what prompted Alice to visit her, reassuring her that all frightened birds are safe in her nest. Alice tells how her uncle forced her into prostitution after the death of her parents and that he drinks all the money she earns. Irritated by this story, Mercy invites Alice to play Cat's Cradle. In reality the witch uses the intertwining of the string to kill at a distance Alice's uncle, breaking all his bones and throwing him out the window. Mercy invites Alice to stay at the Bird's Nest in exchange for personal favors, and Alice agrees as long as she is fed and warm. (After the Fall)

While she is recovering her few belongings from her uncle's apartment, Alice is approached by Isaac Walton, who start to ask her questions about the suspicious circumstances around the death of Nick Land. Alice is evasive and reveals to the sheriff that she has found a new home and someone to take care of her, saying that no one will miss her uncle. (The Heart Is A Devil)

Gallery Edit

Memorable Quotes Edit

Isaac: "I'm sorry for your loss."
Alice: "My loss? Which one? My parents? My maidenhood?"
Isaac: "Your uncle."
Alice: "That was no loss to me or anyone else. I've no time to talk of him with you. Now, if you'll excuse me."
Isaac: "I found your uncle's body on the street. Pigs chewing on his flesh."
Alice: "I've got a new home and somebody who cares about me. Maybe he jumped out. Ashamed of all the misery he caused me."
-- The Heart Is A Devil
Isaac Walton: "I'm here to rescue you."
Alice: "Mercy's already rescued us."
Isaac Walton: "She hasn't rescued you. She's turned you all into whores."
Alice: "My uncle turned me into a whore. At least with Mercy, I get to keep some of my earnings."
Isaac Walton: "That's because she wants something else. You don't know the things she's done. She wants your blood."
Alice: "Mercy takes a cup of our blood. Men take all of it. Come. The girls here aren't the ones in cages. The men are, especially the ones who serve her. They got no choice but to obey. She keeps their manhoods locked up in her room."
-- Night's Black Agents

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit


  1. After Alice offered her blood to heal Mercy from deadly wounds, she was never seen nor mentioned again. It is possible that the sacrifice she made, along with the other girls of Bird's Nest, might have led to their death by bleeding.

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