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After the Fall
Season 3, Episode 1 (27)
Salem S3 promotional- Sebastian, Devil and Anne
Episode Information
Air Date

November 2, 2016


Brannon Braga
and Adam Simon


Nick Copus

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The Witching Hour
The Heart Is A Devil

After the Fall is the first episode of Season Three of Salem, and the twenty-seventh episode of the series overall. It premiered on November 2nd, 2016 on WGN America.

Synopsis Edit

“In the premiere episode, written by series creators Brannon Braga and Adam Simon and directed by Nick Copus, John Alden (Shane West) is forced to bury his love Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery), and her mysterious servant Tituba (Ashley Madekwe) now with the abilities of the seer, has a horrifying vision of hell on earth. She knows the only person who can stop this evil and beat the devil (Oliver Bell) – is the very witch that birthed him, his mother, Mary Sibley. Meanwhile, Isaac (Iddo Goldberg) takes it upon himself to attempt to clean up Knocker’s Hole and get revenge against Mercy (Elise Eberle), who has found her calling running the brothel. Still struggling with her new powers, Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant) continues to imprison her husband Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel), using her familiar Brown Jenkins. With the help of Baron Sebastian Marburg (Joe Doyle) and his old ally and fallen angel, The Sentinel (Samuel Roukin), the devil is planning a massive attack and war with God that will culminate in the ultimate showdown between good and evil!” [1]

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Sebastian: "History would say the Devil was born in Salem. Their god is dead, or lost in senile slumber. But not ours. Our God, their devil, is alive. Awake. And now, finally, he’s here."
The Devil: "Remember, dear ones, to the Reaper all flesh is grass. Even witch flesh. A great terror will soon fall upon Salem, and there is not a soul alive upon this dull earth who can stop me."
Petrus: "You and Mary Sibley gave the Devil the Earth. Now you and Mary Sibley have got to take it back."
Essex Elder: "Raise the dead and you'll never know what you raise."

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  • The words "Ancient Witch #" has been used so far in the show to indicate the Essex Witches (Elders, Widdershins etc) in the end credits of the episodes.

Trivia Edit

  • During Salem Season Three Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 it has been given to understand that witches come from other places and cities to worship the Devil or ensure that the Grand Rite has actually been accomplished.

International TitlesEdit

  • German: Wiederauferstehung (Resurrection)
  • Italian: Il risveglio (The awakening)

References Edit

  1. Exclusive preview of Salem season 3 episode 1 on

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